Bedrock is our new building, which includes the Oakie-Dokey 2-bedroom suite, the Cherry-Oakie, Euphoria and Tuscany ensuite rooms. Named Bedrock because you’ll find plenty of stone both on the exterior and interior, is like a meeting of Flintstone charm with rural life.
Each accommodation space has a separate entrance for added privacy and can be rented both together and individually.


Euphoria is a romantic room, featuring a bathtub in the room and a private bathroom. Here, romance meets rustic charm and comfort to provide you with an unforgettable experience. The room has access to a terrace where you can enjoy your favorite drink while admiring our secret landscape.


We present “Oakie-Dokey” – a project close to our heart, as interesting as our two cottages.

This new accommodation space is a suite for 4 people and has two rooms with double beds, each with its own bathroom!

This suite features a spacious living room with a sofa bed, dining table and fully equipped kitchen.

On the outside, it has its own gazebo provided with space for a barbecue.


The Cherry-Oakie room can accommodate up to 4 people in 2 double beds, one located at ground level and one in the ‘loft.’ The room has its own unique-style private bathroom. Every corner of the Cherry-Oakie room is full of personality, from the handcrafted solid wood furniture to the rustic decorations. Every detail is carefully chosen to provide you with an authentic and relaxing experience.


Tuscany is a room with private bathroom that can accommodate up to 4 people, ideal for a family with children, but not only.

This space was created especially for those who love rustic, simplicity, details and the combination of natural elements in a very special way.